Vehicle Shipping Receipt Template

Sometimes, the vehicle purchased by the buyer reaches his doorstep after a long wait because he buys the receipt from across the border or from another state of the same country. In this case, when he receives the vehicle, he must issue the vehicle shipping receipt.

In general, the person receiving the vehicle documents his reception by signing the receipt only which is generally issued by the shipper.

Why it is important to use the vehicle shipping receipt?

Many people believe that the only purpose of using the shipping receipt is to ensure that the transaction between the seller and the buyer has been completed. However, this receipt has lots of other purposes. First of all, let’s focus on its primary purpose: documentation of the transaction.

The shipping of the vehicle from the seller to the buyer involves lots of documentation. The receipt is one of the primary documents that are used usually by the seller. When a seller sends the car to the buyer, he wants to know when the buyer receives it. It is a major responsibility of the shipment company also to send the vehicle safely from source to destination.

For a shipment company, the use of receipt is important because it becomes tangible evidence that the shipment company has done its job well by sending the vehicle to the destined place. For this purpose, the shipment company issues the receipt and keeps it as a record that the transferring of the vehicle from source to destination has been conducted successfully.

What are the benefits of the vehicle shipping receipt?

As it has been seen that there is a surfeit of benefits a receipt comes with, we are going to discuss a few of them here:

  1. It is good for record-keeping: A shipper usually needs to keep the record of the shipment services he has provided along with payment he has received. For this purpose, the shipper keeps track of every receipt he issues. The shipment company keeps the record to see how much it has earned at the end of the month. The record-keeping also helps the shipment company in case it needs to retrieve a particular receipt from a huge database
  2. It helps prove the money source: When a shipment company has to give proof of the source of the money it has, it can show the receipts. Thus, the receipts are usually used to prove that the money earned by the shipment money has come from legitimate ways.
  3. For showing taxable income: A shipment company also have to give the proof of income that it has shown as a taxable income. For this purpose, the record elicited from the receipts is shown to tax authorities. There are special people in every company who take the information from the receipt and then design the documents proving taxable income.

What information is provided in the vehicle shipment vehicle?

  • Information about the shipping company:

There are lots of shipping companies providing shipping services. Each company has a unique receipt that it issues to its customers from time to time. You also need a receipt which can meet your needs. So, make the receipt unique by adding details specific to your company. These details include the name of the company, the logo of the company, contact details, name of the person to contact, and much more.

  • Shipment information:

This part of the receipt also provides information regarding shipping such as the source of shipment, destination, cost of shipping service, and much more.

  • Information regarding the vehicle being shipped

The vehicle is a costly product to ship. It requires a lot of care and resources to ship a vehicle. The information regarding the vehicle being shipped must be added to the receipt so that the customer can view whether the right vehicle has been shipped or not. This information is also kept as a record by the customer that he has purchased a vehicle from a particular company and it was shipped in a particular way.

  • Details about the cost of shipping the vehicle

As it has been told, shipping a vehicle is not an easy job. One has to pay a huge amount to get the vehicle shipped. When the customer finishes paying the shipping cost, he receives the receipt at the end which confirms the exact amount paid by the customer. It also confirms the amount of duty that the customer has paid as a price of getting the vehicle shipped.

  • Terms and conditions of working with the shipping company

The shipping company tells the customer that on what terms it is providing its services. For example, if the customer is not happy or satisfied with the product, he cannot ask the shipping company to compensate for the cost as it only works for the shipping of the products.

Vehicle Shipping Receipt Template