Truck Receipt Template Free

The delivery of goods to a different location has demanded the need for truck delivery systems and orders. As a result, trucks are being employed by individuals and companies to deliver goods to the concerned buyer. In most cases, trucks are deployed where the goods are being delivered in bulk, or are simply heavy and large, and thus require safe and monitored delivery to the intended customer. In such a scenario, a truck shipment receipt is generated upon delivery to the recipient of the goods.

In simple terms, a truck shipment delivery receipt is a declaration by the receiver of the goods that he has received the said goods. Like all other receipts of delivery, the truck shipment receipt is also printed, signed and dated, and exchanged between the concerned parties or their agents or third parties at the moment of the delivery.

What is a receipt?

A receipt is a written or printed document that is used to provide acknowledgment of receiving some goods, services or payment. It is mostly signed by both the parties and acts as a physical proof of receiving the goods or services from the other party.

What is a Truck Receipt?

There are different types of official documents used in business entities and large organizations. Receipts of various kinds and for various purposes are such official documents that are used on regular basis. Truck Receipt is also a kind of a receiving acknowledgment from a truck company. This document is a legal proof of the fact that a shipment has been received by a trucking company. The goods are supplied by a supplier for the purpose of shipment or delivery to the customer. Common heads used to provide information in the truck receipt template include the following:

  • Date and time of Shipment
  • Details of Supplier of Goods
  • Details of Trucking company
  • Information of the Goods supplied
  • Destination to be shipped to
  • Amount of charges
  • Any other relevant data and information.

Like all other receipts of acknowledgment, a truck shipment delivery receipt is also a very useful document in the commercial sense. It chalks out not only the important and obvious information such as the date, time, location, name of the receiver, name of the delivery guy etc. but more importantly, also other valuable details which are crucial to the delivery in question. These may include, for example, nature of the goods and their details in terms of weight, quantity, packaging size etc. As a result, in plain and simple terms a truck shipment delivery receipt can be easily taken and construed as an acknowledgment receipt between the parties.

The necessitation of these receipts can be gauged by imagining if they did not exist at all. In the absence of such a receipt, the receiver and the delivery person or business will be simply on different tangents. Therefore, for a complete meeting of the minds between the two parties, not only in terms of commercial or contractual concepts, such a truck shipment receipt acts a conduit between them by allowing both of them to raise objections if need be. In other words, the receipt forms a receipt of approval or rejection.


In general, a truck receipt template is utilized for producing a reporting sheet that contains the details of the transaction including the truck number, loaded amount or quantity of goods, conditions, and state of the goods or packages and some more information. A truck receipt is a very useful official document that can help secure the commodities of the supplier against the risk of risk and theft.


Truck Receipt Template Free

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