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Receipts are the easiest way to document a transaction between two parties. They help the businesses and the clients keep track of any deed that has been done between them. The business provides a service and the customer uses the service and pays a price for it. This is easily recorded through a receipt. Consider a person who goes for training in a certain institute, he enters their record and completes training.

The record is with the institute but for the person, the record that he has paid the fees and has entered the roll must also be documented. This is done by giving the individual a receipt. This receipt is a proof that the fee has been paid and the admission has been granted in a certain course. It also mentions the duration of the course and other such details.

These training receipts are available online. The templates include all the important information required. The name of the institute, the title of the training, and other such information can be altered or customized according to the institute’s own need. The detailed information of the individual who has applied and paid the fee must also be clearly mentioned in order to do away with any swindle or issue later. What makes training receipt different from ordinary receipts is that it must include the signature of the individual. This is imperative to ensure the identity of the person who got enrolled and who made the payment of the course taken up.


training receipt template


Training Services Receipt Template
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