MS Excel Taxi Receipt Template

Receipts can be of different kinds depending on the purpose for which they are issued. These are formal documents that are issued to acknowledge the receiving of some goods, services or payment from another party. There are several benefits of issuing receipts. Some of them include the following:

  • Receipts are used to maintain record of any exchange and financial transactions taking place in an organization
  • They can act as evidence for the transaction
  • They can be used to support any other relevant activity
  • Receipts can be produced in case of a dispute or claim settlement

Taxi Receipt

One such very popular receipt is a Taxi Receipt. This is issued by a taxi driver or the taxi company once they have received the payment from the passenger or client. Such a taxi receipt is most beneficial where you travel from one place to another for official business and later on want to claim this traveling expense from the finance department of your employer organization. This is a genuine claim which you can submit to your organization after a fixed time period and get over and above your company salary package.

The taxi receipt acts as an evidence or proof that the employee has traveled through the taxi for an official purpose and thus verifies his claim for traveling expense. The company will also maintain a copy of the receipt for further audit and accounting purposes. The taxi receipt template is a very simple document. The template can be procured from any software or the internet.

MS Excel Taxi Receipt Template

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