SPA Services Payment Receipt

SPA service is a type of medical service that is offered by professional healthcare practitioners including the treatment of soft tissues of the body and other muscular or skeletal pains. Other than medical services, a category of SPA also provides services for massages, personal health, relaxation, and beautification purposes.

Like all other service providers, SPA services receipts are also issued by the SPA or individual service providers. Services receipt is a formal slip enlisting the types and quantities of services rendered by the service provider, that are paid by the customer.

The documentation of financial transactions between the customers and service providers is the major purpose of a SPA services receipts. In addition to that, the SPA centers or service providers can analyze their receipts at the end of the financial period in accordance with their accounts.

The customer can avail of certain benefits from the SPA services receipts such as presentation of the payment proof and complaining the service provider if the service was provided by them and the customer experienced pains or allergies in the next days.

Various types of SPA Services Receipts

Depending upon the stature of the business or service provider, a service receipt may vary in terms of their presentations, structures, information, and appearance. Though all service receipts perform a similar function of transactional documentation, the small businesses or individual service providers and large businesses issue different types of SPA services receipts.

The SPA receipts of the former ones are less detailed and usually manual while those of the later ones are more detailed since they have to maintain detailed records are better in terms of presentation as well.

What to include in SPA Services Receipts?

Though a service receipt is a routine document, it should not be prepared or issued to shrug it off the shoulder, since that leaves a bad impression on the customers. Thus, the information and presentation of the service receipts shall be up to the mark. Some do’s for creating an optimum SPA service receipt are as following:

  • Commercial receipt: Since this receipt is for SPA services, it is not like a bank transaction rather a commercial receipt, and its format should be accordingly. A SPA services receipt is generally aesthetically more appealing, but these businesses generally avoid including more graphics so as to save printing costs for monetary reasons. 
  • Service Provider Credentials: The information including the name, address, contact details, and logo (if any) of the SPA business or service provider should be mentioned.
  • Services information: There are various treatments and facilities that are offered at a SPA center, thus the accurate information about the specific service rendered should be stated on the receipt. Generally, it is recommended that the logo of the company should also be placed on the receipt, but that is not mandatory. Before adding the logo, it is necessary to see if the monetary conditions allow its printing cost and their even exists a logo in the first place as is the case with small scale businesses.
  • Date: The date of the provision of service and payment should be included in the receipt.
  • Customer Credentials: The name and contact information of the customer who has availed the service and of different, the name of the customer who has maid the payment should also be mentioned.
  • Payment Details: The total amount of the services, the tax included and the subtotal should be stated separately, and the method of payment, whether cash or card is to be included.
SPA Services Payment Receipt