Commercial Business Receipt Template

What is a foreign trade?

Foreign trade is defined as any transaction or activity that involves the economic exchange of things of value between two countries. When different countries engage in import and export of goods and services then they are said to be doing foreign trade. This trade can be on consumer goods or capital goods both.

What is a commercial receipt?

A commercial receipt is a basic legal or formal document that consists of information and data related to foreign trade transactions. The purpose and utilization of this document take place once the companies and individuals from various countries carry out a trade of goods and services across the borders of their states.

In business entities, almost all types of activities and tasks are supported by documents and paperwork. These documents are used for various purposes and are very useful for future reference and verification. They are not only used for record keeping but also for audit and accounting purposes.

A commercial Receipt is a document that is used for foreign trade business and purposes.

Commercial receipt template is also a very effective and important document. It is beneficial for both the buyer and seller of the trading goods and services. In general trading situations whenever company engages in trade with a foreign organization or individual it should devise a systematic procedure and use documents like the commercial receipt template to support this activity. Hence it will make things much easier and convenient for both the parties.


Commercial Business Receipt Template

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