Advance Cash Receipt Template

Every business entity involves making money and profit. This is achieved through buying and selling of products and services. Most of the transactions in a business entity involve monetary handling and dealing. Money is a very precious commodity of value. And everyone who handles it must do so with great care and attention.

Monetary transactions in an organization must be backed by proper supportive documents and evidence. There should be proper maintenance of record so that in case of any dispute or disagreement the document can be provided as a proof. In many instances, where buying and selling of products are involved, the concept of token or advance money is also used.

What is an advance payment?

An advance payment or advance money is a partial amount that is paid to the seller before the delivery of the products or services bought by him or her. The remaining due amount is paid once the delivery has been made or at a later date stated in the legal contract.

The advance payment is a contractual amount of funds that are paid in advance as part of the terms and conditions of the contract.

What is Advance Receipt?

A legal or formal document that is issued by the seller upon receiving the advance payment from the customer is called an advance payment receipt and a sample readymade format available for this is a template. Basic contents of the advance receipt template will include the following:

  • Name and details of buyer and seller
  • Date and time of advance payment
  • Balance amount and due date of remaining payment
  • Details of products and services sold.


Advance Cash Receipt Template

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