Repair Receipt

What is a Repair Invoice?

Repair works are ordered by the clients when they require fixing or repairing any appliance, equipment, spare parts, or related items. Thus, a mechanic, plumber, or technician performs these repair services and in addition to that, they sometimes also purchase the required tools or parts required for the work to be done. A repair invoice is a document that helps these individual technicians or their subsequent companies to maintain the record of the services provided and to inform the client of the due payment.

What to include in a Repair Invoice?

Since repairing services includes various small and big functions to keep a record of them haphazardly, may cost the company a lot. A repair invoice template prepared manually or downloaded digitally may help the service provider to a great extent. Whatever the model may be the service providers need to include the following information in their repair invoices:

  • Technician or Business Details: The credentials including the name, logo, contact, and address details of the technician or business are to be added in the invoice.
  • Client Details: Similarly, the credentials of the client, who have availed the services along with the location of the provision of service is also added.
  • Unique Number: Each invoice is given a unique number as invoice ID, to maintain clarity for record-keeping.
  • Service details: The type of repairing service availed i.e. repairing of an automobile, or etc. machine, etc is stated along with the individual functions performed as per the billing criteria are included in the invoice.
  • Payment details: The bill of the services provided and accessory function involved, along with the applicable taxes are mentioned individually first and then the total amount is mentioned. The due date of the payment is also mentioned very specifically. Moreover, other payment receiving methods can also be added in this section.
  • Invoice Date: The date on which the invoice is issued has to be stated explicitly, since from that day the due date is counted.

Purpose of Sending Repair Invoice

Repairing and fixing appliances and vehicles is an actual profession that demands payment, for which it is necessary to have a formal document as proof of services and payments. For the purpose of flawless transaction and record-keeping, an invoice is essential to be issued and kept by the technicians or their respective companies.

In addition to this, a formal invoice is a professional manner to enlist your services and demanding payment, thus it creates a good impression on the clients and helps you achieve customer satisfaction. Invoice helps build your customer’s trust as it ensures service and payment transparency and avoids any chances of miscommunication or scams.

When to send an Invoice?

An invoice has to be timed correctly to serve its purpose at its maximum. Depending upon the services, there are two time periods ideal for issuing an invoice:

  • For small scale services availed by individual clients, it is best to issue an invoice on the same day or day after the service as been completely provided.
  • For large scale repairing services, normally hired by companies, the invoice can be issued periodically according to the contract or sector and then the left-over after complete fulfillment of services.

Some Invoicing tips

Some useful tips that can be kept in view for making an efficient invoice, are as following:

  • It always better to download a digital template or to make one manually in a register, so that any information is not left by mistake.
  • It gives a good impression if you add any additional details or recommendations for the customer about how to keep their repaired appliances in check.
  • Make sure to properly write the services provided, so that the customer is aware of what he is paying for.
  • The invoice ID should be consistently maintained so as to keep an efficient record and there is no overlapping.
  • Always make payment easier for your clients e.g. the due date should have a flexible time period of some days and the method should be as per their convenience.
Repair Receipt Template for Excel