Personal Loan Receipt

If you need a loan to start up business, to pay your bills, money for corporate financial for real estate or any kind of business financing you must follow the right and validated path to have tension free loan sanction and vice versa. If you have sanctioned a loan to somebody and that loan is being paid on a regular basis then the role of a loan receipt become very significant.

The issued receipt will prove the authenticity of your received payment and the regular payment by the borrower. This method is not just restricted to personal lending, as higher authorities like banks and NBFCs are following the same trend. If you are applying for a personal loan, you should never ignore two documents that are a proper loan agreement and proper loan receipt.

A receipt of a loan entails:

  • Name and contact of lender
  • Name and contact of borrower
  • Date of payment granted
  • Date of payment or installment received
  • Installment amount
  • Balance amount
  • Lender’s signature
  • Witness signature
  • Original loan amount
  • Payment history

There are many templates available online as a printable receipt for personal loan payment and this template has easy to edit option to suit your requirements. Issuing a receipt will save you authentically in the case of a dispute. If weekly monthly or yearly payments are planned then a receipt should be issued for every payment which should be properly stored to avoid any misunderstandings and e. After receipt of the final payment, a Promissory Note can be issued with other legal proceedings.


Personal loan receipt

Personal Loan Receipt Template

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