MS Excel Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt

Whenever there is an exchange of goods and services in an organization some payment is also exchanged in the process. A document that establishes a record of the payment made in return for the exchange of these products and services is called a payment receipt.

A payment receipt can be a very simple document and can be issued at a very basic business level like buying groceries from a mart. Once you have made the payment of your groceries to the mart cashier, he provides you with a payment receipt.

This document can also be used at higher levels in an organization like when the management pays the suppliers or contractors for the goods and services that they have provided the company. In many cases, a payment receipt is combined with an invoice and serves as both. The basic contents of a payment receipt are very simple and require the following information

  • Date and Time of Payment
  • Name of issuer and address of the organization or store
  • List of goods or services purchased or sold
  • Prices of all corresponding products and services
  • Any discounts
  • Any amounts of taxes applicable and charged
  • Mode of payment and other relevant sales information

A payment receipt template is a basic document that can be modified to create your own payment receipt. The template is available on various websites on the internet and can be very beneficial for companies and businesses of all sizes and magnitudes.


MS Excel Payment Receipt Template

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