Non Refundable Deposit Receipt

Deposits enable individuals to determine when to contribute or have a purchase and when to avoid as these deposits are usually non-refundable. The term non-refundable is emphasized because if you pay a deposit and then decide not to buy the product or service, the supplier or seller is not bound to return your deposit. This is for some security reason.

Buyer pays to the Seller the Deposit, to assure that he will be buying the product or service in future and will not give the loss to the buyer. Upon the execution of this Agreement, Buyer shall pay to Seller through transfer a non-refundable deposit in a fixed amount to the prescribed Seller’s account at the authorized bank.

This deposit will assure that you intend to buy something by entering a contract with the seller. For such type of purchases, you can comprehend the rights and responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller especially when you have a deposit document in writing. The document reflects

  • The correct product or service that you are buying
  • The deposit amount payable
  • The balance payment schedule and date
  • The delivery date of the product or service

These nonrefundable deposits make sure that the supplier and the buyer are quite clear about the transactions. Along with the name of the buyer, seller, and the dates and amount the non-refundable payment receipt acknowledges that if the remaining payment is not paid at the right time the seller is allowed to keep the deposit amount.


Non refundable deposit receipt

Non-Refundable Deposit Receipt
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