Money Order Receipt

A money order is typically a mode of payment; it is also called payment order. When it is required that the amount should be pre-paid then the money order is prepared. It can be required anywhere such as it is required by institutions offering education services or some organizations provide salary to their employees in terms per order.

A money order is a form of a certified cheque as it costs the same as the required amount. The difference between a money order and cheque is that the money order is limited by some specified amount value. When someone makes a money order he is provided with a money order receipt so that the customer can maintain a record. The payable amount is printed by machine. Its one copy is given to the customer and the other is retained by the cheque issuer.

The advantage of a money order receipt is that if your money order is lost then you can track that lost money order by using your money order receipt. You just need to send your receipt along with the application to the vendor, he will inquire and then let you know if your money has been cashed or not.


The only drawback of money order is that it can be misused for money laundering. Different vendors have different types of procedures to make a money order. A typical procedure involves tips such as filling the order immediately, always use black ink or a gel pen and keep the receipt until you are sure that the money has been cashed.


Money order receipt

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