Official Medical Receipt

Like all other types of services, the medical services are also provided to the patients in return for a fee or monetary payment. This is how the medical practitioners or doctors make a living for themselves and meet their expenses.

What is a Medical Receipt?

A medical receipt is a formal piece of a document or written slip that is provided to the patient by the medical center as a request for payment for the services availed by him or her. It is a mini statement of the prices and charges of the services provided to the patient. In most cases, the medical receipt template is a document that is designed to be used by the doctors, physicians, surgeons and other medical related staff and persons.

In general, a medical receipt template will contain the following information:

  • Name of doctor or medical service provider along with basic details
  • Name of patient and his basic detailed information
  • Services provided to the patient for curing his medical problems
  • Service and medicine fees and charges that were provided to the patient
  • Any other relevant details.

A medical receipt has many benefits for the doctors and patients alike. Some of them include the following:

  • A medical receipt can be used for record keeping of monetary and service transaction
  • It can be used as an evidence or proof of medical services utilized
  • It can be used as a supporting document for the submission of medical claims or insurance coverage
  • It can be used for reimbursement of medical amounts.


Official Medical Receipt

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