Formal Hotel Receipt Template

Formal Receipts

There are different types of official documents that are used in business entities for record keeping purposes. These formal documents are usually specific to various departments and functions. There are different documents in accounting, finance, marketing and human resource. One such very common and popularly used business document is the receipt.

What is a receipt?

A receipt is a written formal document that is used to acknowledge the transfer or exchange of products or services or any other thing of value. This can also be used for a monetary or financial transaction. There are different functions and purposes of using receipts. Some common ones include the following:

  • Payment receipt
  • Sales receipt
  • Bill of receipt
  • Money receipt
  • Cash receipt

One such official receipt is called the Hotel Receipt.

Hotel Receipt?

A hotel is a place where you stay for a period of time in return for a payment or financial reward. When you leave the hotel the management will provide its guests with a small statement of charges and services that have been provided to the guest. All the services are categorized and itemized with details of charges and prices. The hotel receipt template will contain elements like the following:

  • Date and time period of staying at the hotel
  • Services rendered to the customer
  • Charges of all the services provided
  • Hotel’s manager attending to the customer

The hotel receipt template helps keep a record of the bill of the customer and also shows that the payment for the services rendered to the customer.


Formal Hotel Receipt Template

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