Home Repair Work Receipt

Home repair work receipt template

Homes are not only considered living spaces rather they are considered anchors that keep people close to their loved ones. Even if people move out and stay away, the smell of their homes can call them out and attract them to themselves. Every place holds the memories of good or bad times and makes us recall all those movies, once they are visited again.

Not every living space of a human is called home rather home is a special place that has attraction and laughter of loved ones. It is easy to build a home for dear ones, but maintenance of that home is difficult. With continuously improving living standards, it is difficult to keep up with changing technology and models. Still, every home requires an update or repair in a month or two. Sometimes, all these words pile up and take a whole day otherwise regular repairing does not destroy the home structure and keeps life balanced.

Repairing of different parts is done by different professionals in the field. Electrical outbursts or faults are inspected by an electrician while drainage issues are solved by a plumber. Carpenter deals with faulty woodwork and furniture. All these fields are completely diverse and require different professionals. Many businesses have facilitated people by providing all these services from one organization. These businesses hire people from all fields and train them to be a master in their work.

Repair work receipts…

Home repair receipts are the receipts given to customers after they had made payment in exchange for the services provided to them. These receipts are given by the company themselves as proof.

Home repairing is a never-ending business. In a running home, a few things always need some fixing or mending. Frequently you will call for a handyman or a carpenter to help you seek things out. From minor fixes to major repairs, you will need some expert help.

Whenever someone is called for fixing and repairing the house, a transaction is done. A deal or business is completed. Like any other transaction, this one also needs to be registered to avoid any hassle afterward. You can find too many templates online for designing a comprehensive home repair receipt. All you need to do is add the basic and the most important details.

The main information you need in a home repair receipt is the nature of the work carried out. Was it plumbing, painting, or other minor fixtures? Apart from this what is important to mention is if any new things were purchased to complete the task or not. In case a new item was bought, its price must be added to the total bill. Otherwise, whatever the labor charges are due should be mentioned.

Any other terms and conditions or any policy that is applicable to the transaction must also be clearly put down. For instance, if there is any warranty on the kind of work that is done, it should be mentioned. This will help both parties in the future if anything goes wrong. Most of the templates that are available online have all these things mentioned in their layout.


Receipts are very simply designed and provide the necessary information. The template for the receipt can be designed on the computer and printed again and again for use. These are designed once and can be used for many years. Simple applications on mobile or computer can be used for designing a template.

The template for home repair receipt is given below,

XYZ Home Repair Company

Customer’s name: ___________________        Service person: ___________________

Address: ___________________                      Phone #: ___________________

Phone #: ___________________

Date: __/__/__

Invoice #:

Work descriptionRateAmount
Loose hinges$20$80
Cupboard fix$50$50
Broken pavement$100$100
Lights replacement$20$200

Material cost: $400
Labor cost: $430
Tax: $100
Total: $930


There are many advantages of using home repair receipts. Some of these advantages are given below,

  • Receipts are official proof of making payment that can be used later.
  • In case of any incident, the company can be contacted for acting against their service personnel.
  • If a service person underperformed, the company can be informed about their behavior by showing receipt as a proof of work done.
  • Every service is charged individually, along with the price of material and labor thus, helping customers for tracking their spending.
  • Receipts can be saved for adding them to the itinerary.
  • Address and contact information of the company, provided on receipts are very helpful in making contact again if needed.
  • Receipts are physical proof of all the work performed.


Home repair work receipt template