Hair Salon Payment Receipt

A hair salon payment receipt is issued by the hairstylist to a client who has availed the hair salon services and is issued after the appointment is completed. This kind of receipt can be used in multiple scenarios, say if the customer doesn’t visit the salon rather calls for a hairstylist at home or in a studio. Owing to this, the appointments are usually completed priorly and the payments are made later on. The price mentioned on the receipt can be according to the types of services availed or according to the per hour rate as well.

The requirement of Issuing Payment Receipt

It is significant for any business in general and hair salons in specific to issue payment receipts as that serves a proof and reminder to the customer of the payment. As mentioned earlier, in hair appointments sometimes the services are rendered in series, like for an event of a week and the payment is not done daily, rather at the end of the event. So, in scenarios like this, it is better to generate receipts to have a detailed account of the services rendered and payments done or due. Moreover, a payment receipt also serves the purpose of the maintenance of financial records, tax records, and services rendering records for the salon. 

Methods for Issuing Payment Receipt

Generally, there are two types of payment receipts i.e. Digital and Manual. A hair salon can issue any kind of receipt, but the specifications of each are mentioned below:

Digital Receipts

Many hair salons have built-in templates and official systems for the generation of receipts. If one hair salon is a franchise of a company, then they have a standard template, or else on its own, a hair salon can download the appropriate template from the internet as well.

As it saves time and effort, the digital receipts are becoming more popular in the business world. The digital receipts also offer an advantage of omission of errors and the basic information is already generated by the computer. But on the other hand, it requires skilled professionals to generate such receipt.

Manual Receipts

Some hair salons and business are not working on a very large scale or hairstylists are working individually, which then prefer the generation of manual receipts rather than digital. For this purpose, they usually maintain a ledger book or a receipt book, in which the receipt is initially generated for the record-keeping of the salon, and a copy is given to the customer. The manual receipts are beneficial for the salons and stylists working on a small scale and want to save money by not hiring skilled cashiers for digital record maintenance.

What should be included in a Hair Salon Payment Receipt?

A hair salon payment receipt is utilized by hairstylists, hair salons, beauty parlors, barbers, cosmetologists, individual freelancers, and any other skilled professionals included in the business of hair beautifying or hairdressing. The following information is part of a hair salon payment receipt:

  • Salon Information: The name, address, and contact information of the hair salon should be mentioned.
  • Customer Information: The information of the customer, whether it be an individual, a studio, or an event management team should be written accurately on the receipt.
  • Date: The date on which the service was rendered and on which the payment is made should also be stated.
  • Service Description: The kind of service rendered by the hair salon or stylist should be mentioned with details such as haircut, hair blow-dry, hair dye, and hairstyling, etc.
  • Quantity of Service: Most of the time the service is rendered to a number of customers but the payment is done by one individual or a single team, thus the quantity of all the services rendered against which the payment is made should be stated.
  • Payment Details: The individual price charged for the service, the sum total amount of the services, taxes or products, etc. should be written without any error, along with the payment method and status.
Hair Salon Payment Receipt