General Receipt Template Free

A general receipt is a document that is utilized on regular basis in official business activities and tasks. It acts as a universal receipt and can be used for various business deals and transactions. It is mostly issued and created by the seller of a product or service and is provided to the buyer as a written document that acknowledges that a certain amount of money or commodity of value has been collected against the products or services sold. Therefore it is an important document that has many benefits for both the parties.

Some of these advantages include the following:

  • It provides a tool for maintaining a record of the financial and monetary transactions and exchange of goods and services.
  • It is a supporting document for many transactions.
  • It is equally useful for both the parties as it is a proof of payment or receiving of goods and services and can be used in any claim settlement or dispute resolution process.

The general receipt template is one of the most useful and important tools of the office software that is used on regular basis in any business entity. All over the world business indulge in buying and selling of goods and services and hence require a receipt for marking of their exchange transactions.

The general receipt can be used both on industrial and individual levels. This receipt can be issued if you as a person receive an amount of money from another party. Hence it is a very important document.


General Receipt Template Free

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