Duplicate Receipt Template Free

Duplicate Receipts

There are different types of receipts issued in different kinds of transactions taken place in business entities. A receipt is a basic written document that is issued by the seller of a product or service to the customer once he receives the payment for the compensation of the product and service provided.

It is a very common form of official document that is used both for organizational as well as individual purposes. The receipt acts as a tool for acknowledging the receiving of the product and service and can also be used for monetary transactions. It is an evidence or proof that helps the organization in record keeping, claim settlement, audits and verification processes. It is a dispute resolution method as well.

But what if you lose this document due to some misunderstanding or error? Then you might need to have a duplicate copy which is authentic and acceptable on a legal basis.

What is a duplicate receipt?

The duplicate receipt is a very useful document that can produce a copy of the actual receipt issued for any specified purpose. The receipt has the same elements and is identical to the original receipt. This duplicate receipt may be obtained from the vendor or the seller at the time of the transaction. Sometimes the vendor will himself produce a duplicate copy. He will give the original to the customer and maintain the duplicate as a copy with himself for future follow-up and record keeping purposes.


Duplicate Receipt Template Free

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