Dry Cleaning Receipt

Gone are the days when a gush of water is wasted to hand wash or machine wash your expensive clothes at homes as several dry cleaners have now set their shops in town to comfort their customers through full-service garments care trend. In addition, these dry cleaners can do Alterations or other simple makeovers to your clothes like repairing or sewing buttons. The ease of the dry cleaning service is that you just have to drop your clothes at the shop and pick them on the given date.

And if you want to have your own dry cleaning business, you have to plan systematically to run it on a profitable level. This method implies fluids to remove stains from fabrics. These fluids are more capable of absorbing dyes and other stains than water. It is the best method for those fibers that get damaged by water.

Like others, The dry cleaning business should be run in a fair style. The valid dry cleaner inspects everything prior delivering the order and ensures that the order has met the promise. If the complaint is genuine then a re-do become mandatory. This taking and delivering orders for dry cleaning can be pursued flawlessly if you have the receipt of your order.


The dry cleaning receipt is simply an invoice with the heading of the shop’s name and sometimes address. Further it displays the details of clothes with charges and in the end, the sum of the charges are mentioned. The paid seal or authorized signature with the date of giving and delivery of clothes are also mentioned on a professional design dry cleaner receipt. In some high standard shop, some additional services with charges and delivery time are also printed with the customer’s contact.


dry cleaning receipt


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