Driver Payment Receipt

Payment receipts

If you are running or working in a transport company, you want to keep the history of the payment made to all the drivers. The main purpose of using the driver payment receipt is to ensure that the money matters between the driver and the owner of the transport company are resolved smoothly without causing any conflict. A template of driver payment receipt has added on this website that you can download free of cost. It is available in MS Word format that has provided ease to company owners. The payroll process of the transport company becomes simple with the use of payment receipts.

Anyone can use the payment receipt available on this site for his/her personal as well as professional use. It is a very useful approach to maintaining the record of the payment that has been made to the employees. If you want to use this payment receipt of the driver at home, you can easily use it. Moreover, after slight modification, it can be used for other servants such as gardener, maid, etc.

Contents of driver payment receipt:

The main details that are added to the receipt are:

  1. Basic salary:

This field includes the basic salary details of the driver. The necessary amount to be paid to the driver that has been settled in the salary agreement should be mentioned in this field.

  1. Distance traveled:

The total distance that the driver has traveled is written in this field. The salary of the driver is totally based on the total distance traveled by him. Because of it, it is important to add this field to this template.

  1. Terms and conditions:

There are some requirements related to the payment that is agreed upon by the company as well as the driver. Those conditions should be added to the receipt of payment that acts as a reminder. After the payment, the receipt should be signed by the driver because it serves as proof that the payment has made to the driver. The document can be helpful in case of any dispute.

Driver Payment Receipt

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