Donation Receipt Template Free

What is a donation?

A donation is a general gift or present that is presented to a person or an organization for the purpose of social work or charity. In most cases, a donation is based on a special social cause and is utilized for the benefit of a certain group of people. In other scenarios, the donation may be for a general purpose and can be used by anyone who needs it and by anyone who cannot afford the living.

These days organizations are also very active in making and giving donations for charitable causes. Thus, a donation can be for both: individuals as well as institutional. There are several types of donations that can be made on volunteer and social basis. Some of these include the following:

  • Monetary, cash or financial donation made for any social and welfare cause on a volunteer basis
  • Donation can be given in the form of a service provided free of cost
  • Provision of free goods and tangible commodities that may be new or used.

What is a donation receipt?

A donation receipt is a formal document that acts as a proof or record of the payment made as a donation to a person or organization. It may also be used for the donation of goods given by a person or company for the purpose of welfare and charity.

The donation receipt template will not only contain the list of items and services donated but also the date and location along with the name and address of the donor.


Donation Receipt Template Free

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