Shipment Delivery Receipts

Shipment Receipts

With the commercial business world taking on a global approach, delivery of goods has become a common norm in such dealings. Therefore, like any other business transaction, necessary documents are required to process the transfer of ownership. In such cases, a shipment delivery receipt is generated by the seller to the receiver of the goods. A shipment delivery receipt is a declaration by the recipient that he has received the goods and that they are in good order. Essentially, the receipt is signed & dated and exchanged between the concerned parties or their agents at the time of the delivery.

The uses of such a vital receipt are manifold. While, on one hand, it is used in cases such as dock and port or cargo deliveries, which are usually made in bulk and carry a more commercial characteristic. On the other hand, a shipment delivery receipt is also equally handy when individual customer delivery is made from door to door.

As businesses and organizations have become more and more interactive, their success has become increasingly dependent on good customer services and enhancement of customer satisfaction. Especially when talking about retail businesses where customer and company come face to face and are in direct contact with each other, quality of customer service is very vital. In retailing where product differentiation is less, the only competitive edge that you can have on your rivals in the market is good customer service. You should be able to satisfy the customer by giving him the experience to cherish. Bringing about creativity and innovative features within this customer interaction can help attract even more people to your business and increase sales. These innovative features may include home delivery of products or online sale of goods.

But in such sale of products the interaction of the customer with the organization is only through the delivery system. Therefore you need to have a good delivery system that is efficient and courteous to the customers. Like all other functions and activities in a business entity, delivering of goods is also supported by an underlying document called the Delivery Receipt.

What is a Delivery Receipt?

Whenever a shipment is delivered to a recipient, he is required to sign a document of proof that he has received the shipment in good order. Such a document is called a delivery receipt. Delivery receipt template is used in organizations very commonly and is a very useful document.

A shipment delivery receipt is indeed a very useful document. It lays out not only the important information such as the date, time, location, name of the receiver etc. but also other crucial details which are primary to the delivery at hand. These may include, for example, goods details in terms of weight, quantity, packaging size etc. As a result, a shipment delivery receipt can be easily termed as an acknowledgment receipt.

In the absence of such a receipts, things are bound to go haywire. This is so as a shipment delivery receipt allows the seller to assert that, under his knowledge and as per their agreed contract, he duly delivered the goods at the decided location. Similarly, the receipt confirms the receiver i.e. buyer or his agent or a middleman that he also duly received the goods, checked them, and signed the receipt in agreement. Therefore, in the case of any problem, be it commercial or individual customer based, a shipment delivery receipt comes to the rescue by providing the necessary mediation and resolve.


Shipment Delivery Receipt Template

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