Daycare Receipt

Daycare has become increasingly popular as the percentage of working moms is increasing. Parents trust these centers to take care of their young ones in all possible ways. In return for their dedication and proper service, they are paid by the parents.

Daycare offers unique facilities and activities for different children. The timings and activities are different for babies from that of toddlers to children. For each age segment, they design routine according to the need of that particular age bracket. All this is done through a proper written documented channel. This is for the safety of the child and a smooth interaction between the daycare management and the parents.

The receipt for daycare must be designed very carefully encompassing all the main information and conditions. There are many online templates available that can help you design a receipt effectively.

A daycare receipt should, first of all, have all the detail of the child. This includes the name, gender, age, and photograph, address and contact number for emergencies. Apart from this any medical condition, allergies, and exceptions should be mentioned.

A medical report or a vaccination card should also be asked to be provided in other documents. Having gathered this information, the timing of his stay at the daycare should also be mentioned. The person who will come to pick the child should ideally be mentioned. The date and day of the admission is a must. Last but not the least the fees, extra charges, and all the other expenses must be clearly mentioned. Here is daycare receipt with preview and download options.


daycare receipt template

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