Company Billing Receipt Template

What is a billing receipt?

Receipts are no doubt, one of the most important parts of the accounting system in any organization. The effectively created billing receipt can help the accountant a lot. The use of billing receipts comes into play when a company or an individual provides the products or services and requests for the payment in exchange for those services.

Why to use the billing receipt?

The billing receipt is used when it is required to record the amount that the customer is needed to pay. The billing receipt is generally used to state that the payment has been made by the customer. After the successful payment transaction, the billing receipt is issued to the customer. People want to use the billing receipt in order to keep it as proof of a successful transaction.

What should be included in the billing receipt?

Since the billing receipt also acts as proof that the issuer of the receipt is the owner of the goods sold to customers, it is the responsibility of the receipt issuer to make sure that all the required details are added to it. The main details that should be added to this billing receipt are:

  1. Name of vendor and customer
  2. Name of the company
  3. List of goods and services provided
  4. Price of each good sold
  5. Price of each service provided
  6. Quantity of the product
  7. The total amount of the bill
  8. Tax amount
  9. Mode of payment
  10. Details of discounts
  11. Signatures of the vendor

What are the benefits of using the billing receipt?

The billing receipt is an essential document when it comes to conducting the accounting related tasks in any organization. This receipt has plenty of benefits if it is used appropriately. Some of the key benefits are:

  1. It is very helpful for the vendor when he wants to document the details of the payment made by the customer.
  2. The billing receipt is a formal way to describe that there has been a successful transaction between the vendor and the buyer.
  3. The billing receipt can be consulted in case any legal problem arises.
Billing Receipt Template