Cash Receipts for MS Word & Excel

Cash receipt is a document that is used as a proof that someone has paid the cash for the product he purchased or the services he rendered. A cash receipt is needed at every counter where cash is being collected. It is the responsibility of the individual/institution to provide a receipt upon receiving a cash to the individual/institution who paid it.

A good receipt includes a small section where the customer name and contact is clearly mentioned. A valid receipt is completed with authorized signatures or stamp. Through online receipt templates, you can now easily create your receipts incorporating professional backgrounds.

If you need a cash receipt for your business you have different options

  1. You can look for the templates provided online at various websites or
  2. You can prepare a one for you from scratch.

Preparing a cash receipt from scratch needs time and expertise of working with various software like MS Word & MS Excel. I can explain you here how to make a cash receipt for you using these software step by step.

How to make cash receipt using MS Word?

Preparing a cash receipt using MS Word is easy and it takes less time. Follow the steps given below to make a professional looking cash receipt

  1. Start MS Word software on your computer
  2. Go to File –>New –>Choose a Blank document
  3. Go to Layout and select different options available in –>Margins & –>Orientation
  4. Select the page size using above options
  5. In Orientation, you can choose –>Landscape or –>Portrait
  6. Go to –>Insert –>Table and choose a number of rows and column. Usually 10 rows and 3 columns.
  7. Fill the necessary information for your receipt. See the example below
  8. Go to File –>Print the receipt.
  9. Remember: You cannot use mathematical operations in MS Word to sum or multiply the numbers.

Cash Receipt for MS Word

How to make cash receipt using MS Excel?

Making a cash receipt using MS Excel is bit tricky and need little expertise. However, I am writing few steps to prepare a receipt for you in a simple way.

  1. Starting MS Excel program on your computer
  2. Go to –>File –>New –>Blank workbook
  3. Go to Page Layout –>Margins or Orientation –>Portrait/Landscape
  4. Fill all the information as it is shown in the image below
  5. At last, go to –>View and uncheck the Gridlines
  6. Print the receipt
  7. To sum the amount, use the function =sum (cell1: cell2)

Cash Receipt for MS Excel


Cash Receipt Template for MS Word


Cash Receipt Template for MS Excel