Cash Receipt Template for Word

What is a cash receipt?

It is a document that is used to record the transaction which is conducted in the form of cash. This receipt is usually used by the companies when they conduct a sale transaction. Whenever a customer purchases an item from the company, the company issues the cash receipt to the customer detailing the cash amount. The company also keeps a copy of that cash receipt with it for accounting purposes.

Why is cash receipt used?

In simple words, whenever a business or a person receives cash from an external body, the cash receipt is used which is kept as proof. The business works in a variety of ways. Some businesses sell their products on credit while some receive instant cash on the sale of an item.

There are different ways for a customer to pay the cash to the seller after buying a product. Regardless of the method used for cash transactions, the cash receipt is always used.

In the business world, keeping track of everything and bring everything to writing is an important thing. Whenever a conflict arises in a business, these written documents can be presented before the court as evidence.

The cash receipt is also a type of tangible evidence. If any of the parties involved in the transaction claims that the transaction was not succeeded, the other party can show the cash receipt.

Tips for making cash receipt:

Since the cash receipt is an essential document to be used in any business, it is important that you create it in a professional way. The receipt should detail all the details regarding the cash which are useful for buyer and seller both. Include the names of each product purchased, the quantity of the product, the total amount paid by the customer, etc.

The cash receipt should also be signed by the customer. There should be a logo of the company on the top of the receipt that makes the receipt more authentic. The customer should not sign the receipt if it does not contain the logo of the company that has issued this cash receipt.

Cash Receipt Template