Cargo Receipt

Cargo Receipt validates that a dealer has delivered the particular cargo and associated documents to the assigned receiver. Through this receipt, the vendor is authorized to collect payment for the delivered cargo from the clients’ bank that is documented defined in the Letter of Credit.

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If you have seen the template of a cargo receive you can easily perceive what the cargo receipt entails and how significant is the document in the delivering and receiving of the cargo.

A genuine cargo receipt has the company’s logo as the title of the receipt with the complete address mentioned in a block under the title. It would be very effective if the receipt displays the company’s license number.

The body holds the shipper sand consignee names and contacts with the name of the pier or airport where the cargo has left and will be received. The aircraft or vessel number, Point, and Country of Origin, Export Instructions, reference number, booking code, and relevant dates all are mentioned on this cargo receipt.

Furthermore, the receipt describes the details of shipped goods in terms of name quantity weight and measurements. The container number, seal number, and the number of packages are clearly written on the receipt.

In conclusion, the receipt certifies that the described shipment has been received by the receiver in good condition from the mentioned shipper. The certificate further reports the departing date and time along with appropriate contacts.

This receipt has a significant value especially sometimes from a legal perspective as the bulk amount of items are shipped as cargo delivery.


cargo receipt

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