Cargo Receipt Template for Word

Receipts are commonly used in every business. It is a simple document that documents the transaction between the seller and buyer and serves as proof that the seller has received the money. Just like any other business, cargo businesses also use receipts to protect themselves financially. The receipt used by cargo business is called cargo receipt. 

What is a cargo receipt?

It is a type of receipt which is issued by the carrier of the cargo to the purchaser when he pays the cargo company for the shipment services. This receipt is also known as the bill of lading. 

What is the purpose of the cargo receipt?

Cargo services are usually useful when products and goods are to be transported across countries. To ensure that international trade is going on seamlessly, shipment and cargo companies use cargo receipt. This receive helps the exporter by letting them keep evidence of the reception of money as well as the importers who actually receive products. 

The importer pays the exporters only when he receives the merchandise. Therefore, when the exporter issues the receipt claiming that he has received the money, it is a clear indication that the imported has also received his merchandise purchased from the exporter. In this way, both importer and exporter remain clear about each other. 

The shipment company must complete its job by loading the goods onto the vessel. In return, the company receives money and then issues the receipt which is commonly known as cargo receipt. 

What information should be mentioned in the cargo receipt?

When you are creating the cargo receipt of your own, you must try to determine the information that you need to enter to this receipt in order to make it a useful piece of document. You should try to do some research and know what exactly the cargo receipt demands. You can seek assistance from various sample receipts used by other cargo companies. However, if your needs and requirements are different, then you can create a unique cargo receipt. The information that you can enter the receipt includes:

  • Name and logo of the cargo company

Every company has its receipt which is a clear indication that the cargo receipt can be the identity of a company. Therefore, companies must design them by mentioning their name and logo on the top of the receipt. When the purchaser receives the receipt, he can also keep it as proof that he got the services of a particular company. The purchaser can also get the details about the company from the receipt and contact it as and when he needs it.

  • Details of the client:

It is very important to mention the details of the client in the receipt. This part of the receipt lets the client confirm that the company has issued this receipt to him instead of anyone else. These details include the name of the client, phone number and residential address, and much more.

  • Shipment details:

Since the cargo receipt is all about the shipment of products, the receipt of cargo can never be completed having the shipment details added. For this purpose, the company must focus on adding details such as source and destination of products, the total amount charged by the company to its clients, total tax included in the price, and much more.

  • Terms and conditions:

Many companies overlook this part of the receipt. However, this is one of the most important parts of the receipt. There are always some terms and conditions on which a company deals with its customers. These terms are added to the receipt at the end or its backside. The client must read this section of the receipt. Adding this section to the receipt helps a company prevent many disputes that may arise in the future.

For example, if a company has clearly stated that the refund of the money will not be possible after 10 days since the customer pays, the customer agrees to those terms when he pays the money to the company. In case the customer insists the company do a refund, the company can bring up the terms and conditions section and clear its position.

Cargo receipt template

Cargo receipt templates are helpful for cargo companies that need to issue receipt but want to get away with the job of creating one. These templates provide them with a readymade receipt which will help them save their time.

The receipts provided by the template are usually free from errors and are also available in a generic form which means that a cargo company of any type can use it. if you don’t want to use the receipt provided by the template, you can take these receipts as a sample and create your unique receipts in no time.

Cargo Receipt Template for Word