Boutique Sales Receipt Template

No matter what type of business you are running, you will always need a sale receipt after conducting every sale. This receipt becomes proof that the money that has been obtained has been earned as a result of your efforts that you are putting to make the boutique run.

A boutique is a place where there is a collection of designer dresses of ladies and gents. People who like to buy readymade designer’s clothes often visit boutiques. Every boutique has a designer. Therefore, the design of every boutique is different from others.

How to use a boutique sale receipt?

Similarly, the price of clothing in each boutique is also different. The sale of any dress present in the boutique is conducted when a customer shows his willingness to buy that dress at the mentioned price. When the customer shows his willingness, he is asked to pay the price mentioned on the price tag of that specific article. The customer pays the money and becomes liable to take that dress with him. Upon receiving money from the buyer, the seller issues a piece of document to the customer. Through this document, the seller acknowledges the fact that the customer purchased an item.

What information is provided in the boutique sale receipt?

Since this sale receipt is issued at the time of the purchase of any article from the boutique, it documents the sale and purchase. Although the receipt is usually issued by the seller to the buyer, this receipt is equally beneficial for the seller as well as the buyer. However, if the seller does not use the receipt or forgets to issue it to the buyer, the buyer can create his receipt and then ask the seller to sign it so that he cannot reclaim for the payment.

Here are a few components that are mentioned in almost every receipt regardless of the type of business:

  1. Name of the boutique
  2. Name of the owner of the boutique
  3. A unique receipt numbers
  4. Article number purchased by the buyer
  5. List of article numbers in case buyer purchases multiple articles
  6. Price of each article
  7. The total amount paid by the buyer
  8. Percentage discount if the boutique offers

Boutique sales receipt template:

A template for a boutique sale receipt can be used if you want to get a receipt for your boutique business without putting effort. The template provides a ready to use receipt that can be used for many types of businesses. However, if you are running a boutique business, this template is for you.

How to use the template for boutique sale receipts?

The templates that can be used for generating sale receipts for any business are usually created in MS Excel. Excel is one of the best platforms to create receipts. The user can easily add as many details to it as he wants.

Apart from that, he can also input a formula in the template that will calculate the value every time the user inputs in it. For example, the receipt created in Excel will calculate the total amount paid by the customer when the seller adds the price of each product purchased by the buyer.

The template comes with increased flexibility with the help of which, allows the user to modify the template to make it meet his needs. The user can add those details which are missing in the ready to use a template. After having brought modifications in the existing template, the user can input the required details in empty fields of the template. Once he finishes adding these details, the template calculates the total amount that the buyer is supposed to pay.

By the time the seller finishes putting details in the template and calculating the total amount to be paid, the seller had already made the payment.

The template can then be used to see whether the amount paid by the buyer is equal to the amount calculated by the template.

The benefit of using the template:

One of the most common benefits of this template is that it provides the user with the receipt which is ready to use. It means that the user does not have to create it from scratch. Rather, it is a pre-designed receipt.

The receipt template for selling items of the boutique does not require any special skills. The user of any expertise level can use this template without any problem.

All he needs to do is download the template from a website and then put relevant details in it before printing it. Furthermore, the template can also be used to share the receipt with anyone online. This feature is effective for those running an online business and needs to issue a receipt upon payment made by customers. This helps the user acknowledge payment received online.

Boutique Receipt Template for Excel