Bookstore Payment Receipt

The bookstore payment receipts are issued by the vendor to the customer as proof of the payment against the purchase of the books along with the details of the books. The record of cash transactions of the book purchases from stores is maintained through payment receipts. The accurate source of revenue i.e. the book types and details are mentioned when the record of the bookstore receipts is maintained.

Types of Receipts

Two types of receipts can be made by the bookstore keepers, which include handwriting receipts and digital receipts. These two are further explained below.

  • Handwritten Receipts: Small businesses or bookstores often tend to issue handwritten receipts and maintain a record of those receipts in a ledger book. This ledger book has columns divided as per the entries that need to be included in the receipt, along with the appropriate headings. Moreover, a carbon paper is kept in it to keep a copy of the receipt in the register and the other copy is given to the customer. It is always better to maintain a ledger book, but if not, then these receipts can be made on a simple piece of paper as well.
  • Digital Receipts: Large scale businesses or bookstores often prepare digital records of their payments and transactions for which they prefer issuing digital receipts. The digital receipts are made by filling the order-specific information on the standard template of the receipt according to the company’s format. In addition to that, the digital receipts can also be made spontaneously by downloading standard templates from the internet, that suit your requirements.

What Should be Included in a Bookstore Receipt?

Following is the information that should be necessarily included in a bookstore receipt:

  • Receipt Details: The number or ID of the receipt along with the date and other technical details that aid in record keeping shall be mentioned on the receipt. The number or ID of the receipt varies as per the store’s format. Some count them on a monthly basis and some count them on the basis of computer entries etc.
  • Bookstore’s Credentials: The logo of the bookstore along with its name, address, contact information along with other relevant information must also be mentioned for reference. This helps the customer or anyone else track the purchase and resolve their queries if any.
  • Books Details: The clear details of the purchased books should be mentioned. This information includes the title, author, edition, and press of the book. Along with its physical details, if it was hardback or paperback etc.
  • Cost of Purchases: The individual costs of the purchased books shall be mentioned along with each purchased book.
  • Amount of Tax & Other Charges: After the cost of purchases, the taxes deducted and other charges demanded such as shipment charges, binding charges, etc shall be stated.
  • Subtotal Amount: After mentioning all kinds of payment deducted, a subtotal of all the amount that has been paid is mentioned in the relevant currency.  
  • Customer Credentials: The name, address, and contact information of the customer shall be mentioned, who has done the payment and made the purchase is to be included.
  • Payment Method: The method of payment should be mentioned, whether it is done via credit or debit card, cash, advance, or cash on delivery.
Bookstore Payment Receipt