Auto Repair Receipt Template

Auto repair receipt template

Along with the invention of the wheel, the dynamics of transportation have changed drastically. It has made human life easier and more comfortable. Earlier, people used these wheels on animals and directly for covering long miles and it took them several months to reach their destination. Now the invention of modern transportation i.e., cars, planes, and luxury buses, makes it easier to travel and less time-consuming.

All these automobiles work in harsh conditions and require proper maintenance for going a long way. If these automobiles are not cared for, they may wear out in a short period of time. Automobiles require services of washing, repairing, replacing, and others for their proper functioning. All these services are provided by auto repair shops. Auto repair shops are run by professionals in the field who are able to detect minor faults in automobiles.

Receipt in exchange for services…

Auto repair receipt refers to the receipt generated by the auto repair showroom in exchange for the services they provide. These services may include car washing, waxing, checking for any faults, or replacement of faulty parts. These receipts are provided by almost every auto repair shop as a token of providing services as well as proof of payment from customers.

Documenting auto repair is as important as documenting any other transaction between two parties. Whenever a car, bike, truck, or any other machine for transportation is fixed or repaired a receipt is presented to the client. This receipt is not only a bill but in fact, it tallies the services provided with their respective prices.

Many online templates are available for designing these receipts. People can easily get the templates and alter them according to their own specific needs and requirement.

Text/contents of receipt…

An Ideal auto repair receipt must contain the customer detail and the kind of services provided. Customer detail should not only be limited to the name and contact of the customer. It should clearly describe the kind of vehicle which was repaired. Most importantly the number and color along with any other information for identifying the car or bike should be written.

This will help both parties with any future situation or claims. Along with this information, detailed information regarding the service must be mentioned. In one section all the tasks performed must be written. Their respective prices must be mentioned apart from the aggregate bill at the end. As in the case of all receipts day, date and time must be mentioned very clearly.

Most of the online templates meet these requirements and can be used as it is without any alteration. All you need to do is add the name of your brand or company and its information and you are good to go.

Receipt Format

Auto repair receipts are very simple and are made manually. This field is mostly run by undergraduate people therefore, receipts are not computer-generated. The template of a receipt is formed on the computer and its printed copy is used for years without any changes. It is printed over and over again to fulfill the needs of the auto repair shop.

It is composed of columns representing a separate activity which is manually filled by an employee and handed over to the customer. Every service that an automobile receive is listed in the column. The template of the auto repair receipt is given below,

XYZ Auto Repair Shop

Name of employee: ______________________
Name of customer: ______________________
Automobile plate number: ______________________
Date: ______________________

Window repair$80

Due amount: None
Total bill: $140

Signature of the person attending.

Pros & Cons of using auto repair receipt


  • Auto repair receipts are paper-generated receipts that can be used while questioning services.
  • Receipts are provided to customers after they have paid thus, they can be used as proof of payment.
  • Most receipts mention all the services acquired thus, helping customers to track if they need any more services.
  • Receipts include a list of services along with individual prices of every service which helps customers regarding the value of every individual service of their automobile.
  • Auto repair shops also provide genuine spare parts if any automobile needs a replacement which is separately mentioned on a receipt.


  • Receipts are paper-generated generated thus, their use is harming the environment which should be avoided at all costs.
  • These paper receipts can be washed with clothes or torn due to sweat and remove all claims of faulty services.
  • Computer-generated receipts are more appreciated because they save paper and can easily be emailed to the customers
  • Moreover, computer-generated receipts can be prolonged by adding information about a particular customer under the same receipt.

Template preview

Auto repair receipt template