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Artwork & Billing Statements

Pictures and work of art have been appreciated in every era. Artists hold exhibitions of their work and people appreciate it by visiting them and purchasing their work. Most of the artwork is used for interior decoration. Whenever a customer purchases an item from a vendor, seller or the artist a transaction is done.

To record that transaction the seller presents a receipt to the buyer. That receipt officially documents the deed that occurred between the two parties. Most of those receipts will have some basic information. The main information includes a little information about the customer. This includes the name, address, and phone number.

The artwork receipt also records the day and date when the purchase was made. This helps for any future reference. The receipt mentions the price of the item tallying with the name of the item purchased. Any terms or conditions, including warranty or any other affair, are also clearly elucidated. Mostly it is done in the form of a footnote.

About Template

The formats or the templates of these receipts can be simply purchased and downloaded online. They allow complete customization and the buyer can adjust them according to their own business need. Designing these receipts has never been this easy. You can conveniently do away with all the hassle of making the artwork receipts on your own. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and a bank account. If the templates suit the need and do not require any amendments, they can be used as it is.


artwork receipt template


Artwork Receipt Template
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